What is Dapr?

Dapr helps developers build event-driven, resilient distributed applications. Whether on-premises, in the cloud, or on an edge device, Dapr helps you tackle the challenges that come with building microservices and keeps your code platform agnostic.

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Companies using Dapr:

Building blocks for any developer

Dapr building blocks solve common challenges developers face when building microservices

Service Invocation

Service discovery and service to service method calls

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State Management

Build resilient stateful services with your state store of choice

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Publish & Subscribe

Use asynchronous message topics and subscriptions

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Securing Secrets

Keep application secrets secured with a secret store

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Create event driven workflows and interface with external services

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Leverage the actor pattern to scale self-contained units of processing

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Any language, anywhere

Use Dapr with your language of choice by leveraging an SDK or making simple HTTP or gRPC calls. Dapr is language agnostic and can run on any hosting environment including local development machines, Kubernetes, and public clouds such as AWS, Azure and GCP.

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Pluggable components

With an eco-system of over 70 different components to plug-in to your application, Dapr makes it easy to keep your code agnostic to the hosting environment and your application highly portable.

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Open source, community driven

Dapr is an open source project hosted on GitHub with a welcoming, engaged and growing community of contributors. Issues, fixes and features come from a diverse group of developers from around the world all collaborating to define the roadmap.

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Turnkey observability and security

The Dapr sidecar collects traces so your application is instrumented with no additional code. Dapr is built with security in mind so using Dapr helps you harden your application.

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Who’s using Dapr?

See what Dapr adopters, building real world production solutions have to say

"Using Dapr with Azure makes it very easy to bolt in new pieces of infrastructure without changing anything else. It changed our business."

– Russell Stather, Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Ignition Group

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"Dapr really simplifies the case of distributed application architectures. With Dapr, any developer can do it."

– Kai Walter, Lead Architect, ZEISS

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"At Alibaba Cloud, we believe Dapr will lead the evolution of microservices. By adopting Dapr, our customers now enjoy increased velocity for building portable and robust distributed systems."

– Xiang Li, Senior Staff Engineer, Alibaba Cloud

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"Without Dapr, we would need multiple weeks to integrate the different services together as well as create our own scaling infrastructure and service discovery tooling."

– Xavier Geerinck, Founder, Roadwork

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"The fact that we could focus on the core logic and let Dapr deal with the underlying messaging systems allowed us to iterate much faster than we expected."

– Trond Hindenes, Cloud Architect, Legentic

"Dapr is really a perfect solution for invoking backend services in our multi-language serverless runtime."

– Xuexiang Deng, Staff Engineer, AutoNavi

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